Anna Kuchinsky is Tallinn based singer-songwriter. She is a pretty soul with a pretty music...

Born and raised in Tartu, Anna Kuchinsky started her musical journey as a classical pianist but later switched to jazz music. She got the jazz-bug at the age of 15 and it seemed that there is no other way than sticking to this incredible music. After finishing Georg Ots Music college, Anna moved to England to study life and learn more about the real jazz scene. She makes jokes about that period of her life: “I definitely passed the first month of the Life University. It was tough but so exciting!”. London gave her plenty of contacts, freedom and better English. After a year and a half she returned back home to study at Estonian Music Academy. At that time Anna started writing her own music that now we can hear on her very first EP “Edasi” (Further).

Anna’s music is a mixture of pop, jazz, reggae along with her Ukrainian and Estonian roots music. She doesn’t set herself in a frames and she calls her style simply – happy music. Every song and every story has a happy ending so her music is a great companion on a rainy night and on a sunny day. She is writing about the people, about the lessons of life, she puts down the stories that happen to her. Anna Kuchinsky is performing with the professional and well known young Estonian musicians. In her band she has Rain Rämmal on the keyboards, Janno Trump on the bass, Karl Kanter on the guitar and Dmitri Nikolajevski on the drums. She says that these guys are her dream team. “They all are so different which is perfect for the chameleon-me. They all make a great impact to my music”.

Anna absolutely loves talking to the audience so every her show is filled with really warm vibe. And another important thing for her is to make sure that people could dance! Please, dance!

Welcome to Anna Kuchinsky’s world!

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